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The name's CrazysNicole.. I'm 20.. I'm taken & in love. Questions? Just ask..


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updated @ 03PM ;; 10/25

Made by Crazysland.com (Hey, that's me!)
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I is not dead. [
updated @ 08PM ;; 12/30
I is not dead, in case people wondered.

And if I'm buying something from someone on livejournal & they want. I can provide you with my ebay feedback. 100%
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AGG! [
updated @ 01AM ;; 05/28
So we (Steven/Andrew/& I) want to go to Georgia soon to visit. However, we aren't sure where to stay. (Hotels seem to be too expensive. Perhaps a tent? =P And we don't know how we'd get around. If you're under the age of 25, it's like another $30 or so a day to rent a car. And we don't have that much money. =(

Anyone have any ideas? I might just have to scrap ideas and just let Steven go visit. Though I want to go to Georgia too!
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Why I'm starting to love Dr.Who. [
updated @ 01PM ;; 03/12
"Well close the door. Your ship's about to blow, there's going to be a draft."
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The Bible In One Minute [
updated @ 02PM ;; 08/14
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Gymnastics Icons [
updated @ 10PM ;; 08/13
Just a few icons, I might add more later.

Beware, this is the 1st time in at least 8 months I've made any icons.

-No Hot-Linking
-Credit Please!

On to more..Collapse )
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just for fun [
updated @ 10PM ;; 06/19
Everyone should do this. *nods*

1. My username is CrazysNicole because it's the name I use everywhere. I'm crazy & I'm Nicole.. originally from being called Crazy's Nicole.. but we won't go there.
2. My journal is titled CrazysNicole's Crazy Words because well.. I'm CrazysNicole.. and well.. all the words from me are crazy ones.. duh =p.
3. My friends page is called My Crazy Loves.. because my loves are crazy... like me!.
4. My default userpic is "Hello my name is Crazy" because I'm crazy..
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